• Nationalist, Zinneke, struggling ecologist adolescent becomes MEP

    Autor(ka): dn. 23 marca 2011
    by Sylvain Lecomte, translated by Catherine Castledine Bart Staes, a Flemish politician from the transnational Green Party, has spent his entire career at the European Parliament. After 28 years and just three terms of office, he’s far from worn out. A fascinating meeting with a passionate MEP, a devoted European and perfect model for environmental regionalism.
  • Treading the boards in Brussels

    Autor(ka): dn. 29 listopada 2010
    Brussels’ amateur drama scene is thriving, nurtured by the vast number of long-term ex-pats who join theatre groups to escape the EU bubble, meet new people from different walks of life, and express their creativity. The Irish Theatre Group is just one of many English-speaking amateur groups active in Belgium’s capital.
  • Opening eyes to EU literature

    Autor(ka): dn. 24 listopada 2010
    By Catherine Castledine On November 11, Europe’s literary elite gathered in Brussels to award some of today’s most up-and-coming fiction writers. The EU prize for literature is now in its second year. Its aim is to showcase talent, promote the circulation of fictional works across Europe, and ignite readers’ interest in books not originally written in their native language.