• David Cameron, the self-proclaimed champion of budgetary restraint

    Autor(ka): dn. 17 grudnia 2010
    By Anna-Karin Friis UK prime minister: ”A victory for common sense!” It is funny the way every single political leader that emerges from somewhere deep down in the maze of the Justus Lipsius building portray themselves as victorious. And rather confusing, because in order to get the full picture one would need to split up in 27 and get a gist of every political leader's impressions of what was said.
  • Decision on limited EU treaty change tonight

    Autor(ka): dn. 16 grudnia 2010
    By Anna-Karin Friis The EU summit on Thursday December 16th did not drag on as long as the dinner at the previous EU leaders' meeting in October. Maybe that was as such a good sign. According to European Council president Herman van Rompuy, the general features of the future European Financial Stability Mechanism have been agreed on.
  • Analysis : From communication to progaganda – the EU crossed the line

    Autor(ka): dn. 16 grudnia 2010
    By Anna-Karin Friis Propaganda is "information presented from an official source in order to influence an audience. It is used to present facts selectively to encourage a particular synthesis", according to Wikipedia. This characterization fits perfectly the material the EU institutions churn out of their pseudo newsmills on a daily basis.