• Taught by Tököl: A history lesson in the patchy grass

    Autor(ka): dn. 29 kwietnia 2009
    After having been away from the Cafebabel world for a while, I’m obviously spoilt for choice with things to tell you about life in this fair city. I’ve decided, though, to keep it recent.
  • The city was a fast mover

    Autor(ka): dn. 23 lutego 2009
    After my distinctly shakey start, there was a steady courtship between myself and the city. This moved quickly, and I would honestly say that I fell in love with Budapest on my first Friday here. After chatting with new friends – from many countries, including Hungary – on my new balcony (which I’m sure wasn’t built to hold so many), we headed out into the night.
  • Budapest was where I was supposed to be heading

    Autor(ka): dn. 18 lutego 2009
    I came to Hungary in 2007, to train to teach English as a foreign language at International House, Budapest. The trip was supposed to last 4 weeks. I’m still here. My decision to come here was simple. I wanted to complete the CELTA qualification, Budapest was the cheapest place for me to do this, and I’d never been here before. I could have gone to Barcelona, Bangkok, Bogota or Nice.