• New in Brussels: Ironing service

    Autor(ka): dn. 29 maja 2007
    by Roel Hoenders All those, especially male, young professionals in Brussels have one thing in common. This is the weekly pain of having to iron your shirts in a decent way. The many lobby activities going on in the EU environment require you to look smartly dressed at all time. Not only during working hours but shirts still have to look spotless and unwrinkled as of 18.
  • Equality for all, also outside Brussels

    Autor(ka): dn. 22 maja 2007
    by Roel Hoenders Only three days before the Brussels Gay Pride 2007 took place on 12 May, one of the political groups of the European Parliament (ALDE) organized a public seminar entitled “Gay Prides: exposure and impact”. The purpose of the meeting was both to inform and share gay pride experiences to an audience of EU decision- and policymakers.
  • Aan alle schrijvers in of uit de dop

    Autor(ka): dn. 14 maja 2007
    cafebabel.com is een uniek online Europees tijdschrift. 6 jaar geleden begonnen als het project van vier Erasmus studenten in Straatsburg, had het als doel een virtueel, Europees discussieplatform te creëren. Hier zijn ze in geslaagd, en inmiddels is cafebabel.
  • cafebabel.com Brussels thanks its chat participants

    Autor(ka): dn. 9 maja 2007
    On the night of the French elections, cafebabel.com gathered around at The Centre, a think-do-tank in Brussels, to engage in a live online chat with journalists from around the continent. Among them was Simon O'Connor, editor at E!Sharp magazine, and Teresa Kuchler from Europolitique. Soon after the result had been made official, a discussion began to form on the implications for Europe.
  • French elections: Interview with Paul Adamson, director of the Think-Do-Tank "The Centre" in Brussel

    Autor(ka): dn. 8 maja 2007
    Live from The Centre in Brussels cafebabel.com - What is your first impression of this election's outcome?Paul Adamson - Ever since the referendum on the Constitution 2 years ago, Europe has been waiting for a change in France. Now we know what direction France will turn to, and Europe will at last be able to advance. Even though N.
  • Retrograde Vision!

    Autor(ka): dn. 6 maja 2007
    Flavien Deltort, assistant in the European Parliament, sees a retrograde vision in Sarkozy's view of Europe: "Nicolas Sarkozy wants France to be the "first" Nation State of Europe; when the EU plans to move ahead, it will need France's approval before anyone else's." His inflexible stance on Turkey has no substance.
  • Heard it through the buffet-line

    Autor(ka): dn. 6 maja 2007
    First reactions at the electoral night at The Centre, Brussels Marko, Slovenia: "For Europe, he will be worse than De Gaulle" Filip, Germany: "S. Royal would bring the French people to Europe, whereas N. Sarkozy will bring himself" Jordan, Canada/The Netherlands: "EU was pro-Bayrou anyway, but I think that N. Sarkozy has a better vision of where Europe should go" Bertrand, France: "N.
  • Live chat on the result of the French election - CHAT OVER

    Autor(ka): dn. 3 maja 2007
    cafebabel.com Brussels goes live and invades your home through its brand new chatroom. Join us on the night of the French elections to discuss the outcome with key note chatter Simon O'Connor, editor at E!Sharp magazine, and Adriano Farano, co-founder of cafebabel.com. The chatroom is no longer active. cafebabel.