• Rise of Turkish soap operas in Greece

    Autor(ka): dn. 25 kwietnia 2012
    Has this positive phenomenon in Greek entertainment regarding multiculturalism increased due to the crisis? A wave of Turkish novellas seems to be bringing back more 'traditional values' that everyone can relate to via the small screen, regardless of the ancient antagonism between the two cultures
  • AutoLibs: automatic cars to eat Paris from October 2011

    Autor(ka): dn. 30 czerwca 2011
    You can take a double-decker in London, a yellow cab in New York, but taking a blue car in the French capital isn’t quite there yet. The City of Lights aims to strengthen its image at being greener than ever before with a few hundred AutoLibs or ‘automatic liberties’ to be launched in October 2011
  • Emigration, Erasmus and Lithuania's student population

    Autor(ka): dn. 19 maja 2010

    An increasing number of students are asking Professor Žilvinas Martinaitis at the University of Vilnius to let them take their exams at the end of May. This would allow them to go abroad - most commonly to the UK, Ireland or Scandinavia - to work, and return with some extra money in October, a month after the official start of term.