• Ethnic violence in Skopje: Macedonian magic circle

    Autor(ka): dn. 19 kwietnia 2012
    Attempts to raise inter-ethnic tensions escalated on 16 April when four twentysomething men and an older eyewitness were murdered near the capital, triggering riots. Since the victims are Slavic-speaking Macedonians, the speculation is that the murderers are from another ethnic group - but we don't need this boat to be rocked again
  • A front room for Green Vienna

    Autor(ka): dn. 15 września 2011
    Vienna is over fifty percent green space. It’s no surprise that the city home to Hundertwasser’s green apartment blocks knows how to use green spaces for the benefit of its citizens. The parks here are not just about nature, but about people: they are the city’s living room, the heart of the community, where people meet to talk, to play, to party, to dream, to live This video is part of cafebabel.