• What has the EU ever done for the UK? Myth-Buster

    Autor(ka): dn. 4 sierpnia 2007
    Many people in England that I have spoken to (mainly from Bath, Rugby, and Oxford) and, from what I've heard people in Wales concur, that they are not opposed to the EU in principle, but it is rather the direction that they see it going and how the principles of the EU get put into practice that they oppose. What are their main complaints? Are these complaints based on fact or misunderstanding?
  • Does the EU's Reform Treaty Erode the UK's Sovereignty?

    Autor(ka): dn. 26 lipca 2007
    This post is in response to an opinion expressed by Ruth Lea, Director of the Global Vision think tank in the UK, on the BBC's "For and against the new EU treaty" (available at: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/6914468.stm). Lea argues that the EU reform treaty is good for EU integration, which inevitably makes it bad for the UK.