• Doubts over Latvia’s eurozone ambitions

    Autor(ka): dn. 26 marca 2013
    Latvia is pressing ahead with plans to adopt the European single currency next year. Yet 65% of the population say they do not want the euro. As well as concerns over price rises, many Latvians fear having to pick up the bill for the crisis-hit countries in the south of Europe, having only recently come through their own painful economic recovery
  • Swabian influx in Berlin ruffles regional feathers

    Autor(ka): dn. 20 marca 2013
    In recent years Berlin has seen a wave of migration from the affluent Schwabenland (Swabia) region in south-western Germany, but the welcome from native Berliners could hardly be described as warm. Does this raise doubts over the feasibility of free movement around Europe as a whole?